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How to know if you have an animal in the attic 2022

  • A Strong Bad Smell This is the biggest indicator. Stinch of urine and feces is hard to miss. Also a lot of animals excrete oils from theirskin that has an odor.

  • Hearing Scratching OR ScurryingSounds At Dawn or DuskThe squirrel’s regular nesting time is right after sunrise and around sunset. Racoons and opossums are nocturnal. If you’re hearing a lot of activity duringthese times, this is one major indicatoryou have wildlife living with you. Listen closely for scratching and crawling. Pay attention to your pets, they will notice them much sooner than you.

  • Noticing More AnimalsThan Before Around Your House If you’ve seen a lot more squirrels or raccoons running around your yard than usual and they are congregating on your roof his is a sure sign that you have an animal in your attic.

  • Finding Evidence in Your Attic If you see nests(piles of insulation, leaves and sticks from outside)and droppings. Please call Bigfoot Wildlife Solutions to keep your home wildlife free. 919-470-6944 Call today!

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